Our Story

Since inception in 2009, Quantum Trailers has been able to:

  • Commercial - ideal for various SME’s and NGO development Projects,
  • Agricultural - suitable for Small scale farmers in Beef, Dairy Farming Horticultural, Poultry, Tea, Coffee, and Fruit farmers.
  • Tours & Safaris - appropriate for Camping expeditions, Research Expedition, Groups and schools Touring, Marketing Promotions
  • Mobile Business Ideas – Ideal for Catering, Sanitation, Health Clinics, Mobile Offices, Training Centers, Entertainment, Brand Marketing & Promotions, Mini Agricultural processing plants and mobile site workshops.
  • Our Offered Services


    Agricultural trailers are used in farming or other agricultural tasks. There are various types of this kind of equipment. They are pulled by tractors or cars to tow farm produce, fertiliser and other farm outputs and equipment.


    Quantums industrial trailers are a robust line of heavy duty trailers, carts and trolleys. They guarantee the right towable equipment for your material handling needs. They effortlessly provide unyielding couplers and hitches, providing years of service. Our trailers and carts are designed using the latest, state of the art, 3D mechanical design. We leverage concepts like ergonomics, design for manufacture and assembly, continuous improvement and lean manufacturing, to wring out waste, giving you economical solutions to your materials handling needs.