Mobile Business Ideas

Instead of sitting and waiting for customers to come to you... You go to them! Puts you miles ahead of your competitors. No monthly rentals and high overheads from fixed locations. People in remote locations will prefer to wait for you to go to them and save themselves high transport costs of coming to town. A trailer is much cheaper and more economical to build, run and maintain in comparison to converting a pick-up van or a truck.

From KES 180,000

Power Generation
Veterinary Clinic
Adapt a trailer for any of the following businesses
  1. Mobile Car & Carpet Wash
  2. Mobile Hawker
  3. Outdoor Events
  4. Billboards
  5. Brand Promotion
  6. Entertainment
  7. Landscaping & Gardening
  8. Water Purification
  9. Tyre Center
  10. Power Generation
  11. Toilets
  12. Workshop
  13. Veterinary Clinic
Ideal for mobile business enterprises like:
  • Curios
  • Fashion Clothing
  • Hardwares e.g. Electrical, Plumbing, Interior Decor etc
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Fish & Poultry Products
  • Can be supplied with options of tent covers and foldable chairs and tables.

Generator Trailers

We Build a number of bases for machines and generators, our generator trailers are built from channel iron and are built to last, you can take our generator trailers through the toughest terrain.